Thursday, July 05, 2007

SCSF Contrib V1.0 has Shipped!

Like the title says, SCSF Contrib V1.0 has shipped and is available for download here. This release includes:

  • The WPF/CAB Layer
  • Outlook Bar workspace and Quickstart
  • CAB Visualizer
  • Bankteller Quickstart rewritten using SCSF 2007 and Winforms smartparts
  • Bankteller Quickstart using SCSF 2007 and WPF smartparts

My major contribution to this release was a complete rewrite of my original WPF/CAB layer. The rewrite includes comprehensive unit and functional tests, full API documentation and user documentation. It also greatly improves the APIs. For example, here's how you can set up a ZoneWorkspace in your XAML:

<cab:ZoneWorkspace x:Name="_zoneWorkspace" DefaultZone="{Binding ElementName=_contentZone}">
        <ContentControl cab:ZoneWorkspace.ZoneName="_headerZone"/>
        <ContentControl x:Name="_contentZone"/>
        <ContentControl cab:ZoneWorkspace.ZoneName="_footerZone"/>

Look Mum - no code-behind! (no whatty-what, son?)

There's heaps of other goodness in this release too, like Matias's Outlook Bar workspace and Ezequiel's WPF visualization. So, as they say, go download the bits!


Anonymous said...

Is there a guidance package to create a WPF Shell?

Kent Boogaart said...

Not yet as far as I know. I am trying to get in contact with Ohad (see to see whether he is going to update his project in line with the new WPF/CAB layer.

I will post when I have more information.

Anonymous said...

I've developed a few small applications using the SCSF Contrib and found it very easy to use...I found a framework at which saved me having to start with an empty project